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Honey and propolis spray

  • Made from organic ingredients verified by Quebec Vrai

Propolis, the bee’s natural antibacterial!

Propolis is a blend of resinous and balsamic substances (around 150) which bees harvest from the buds of certain trees (birch, poplars, pines, firs, etc.).

A natural antibiotic

Antibacterial with great healing properties, propolis is a natural product having remarkable therapeutic properties. Used in the treatment of skin problems, it is also effective against viral and microbial infections. Propolis has an efficient action against bacterias responsible for gingivitis and tooth decay. Great for treating flu, sinus infections, oral herpes and gingivitis or to eliminate bad breath.*

  • Source : Françoise Sauvager, pharmacist doctor, conference master and researcher in pharmacy at the microbiology laboratory of pharmacy department at the Rennes University. Author of a thesis on antiviral properties of propolis.


Eau/water, miel/honey°*, Teinture-mère de propolis / Propolis tincture (Alcool / Alcohol, Propolis*°, Eau / Water)

Size | 50ml

° Miel et propolis par / Honey and propolis by Miels d’Anicet

* Ingrédients biologiques vérifiés par / Verified as organic ingredients by QUÉBEC VRAI


Make 2 to 3 sprays as needed. Shake well before use.