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Camellia Sinensis’s reputation is already well established in the tea community. The great quality of their products makes them always a wise choice for all your infusion needs. Offering classic an innovating tastes, everyone will find an infusion that pleases his taste.

This Indian white tea produced in a Bai Mu Dan style is composed of beautifully dried large leaves in hues of yellow and soft green.

The liquor, smooth and silky, gives frank aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. Its zesty finish is most refreshing.

Dynamic and passionate, the Camellia Sinensis team is proud to take on a new role in the industry (producer), with the Tea Studio.

The Tea Studio is a factory in the Nilgiri mountains (India), created in collaboration with a group of Indian partners. It’s a project in direct relation with the entrepreneurial values that we support here at Miels d’Anicet.

The Tea Studio and Camellia Sinensis joined their forces with their respective expertise to propel this innovative project managed entirely by a local team of women.

Tea Studio est un projet inspirant qui concordent avec les valeurs entrepreneuriales que nous portons chez Miels d’Anicet.

This new line of product is coherent with Camellia’s sinensis desire to reduce their ecological footprint, using nearly 60% less packaging than their previous line.