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Detoxifying Herbal Tea by Herboristerie La Fée des Bois

Size 35g

This herbal tea is mineralizing and nutritious, that is to say, it gives the body easily assimilated minerals. This herbal tea is also an alterative (which cleanses) lymphatic (which plays an important role in the body’s immunity) and blood. It will also support the intestine in its work through its anti-inflammatory and healing action on the digestive mucosa.

The plants that make up this herbal tea are almost all from spring harvests, a great way to enjoy the properties of these ephemeral plants throughout the year.

• Regulates liver function

• Supports good digestion

• Helps relieve malabsorption, chronic gas, indigestion and gallbladder congestion.

• Promotes the elimination of waste

• Promotes the maintenance of general health, for skin problems, fatigue, engorged liver, toning up the immune system, joint disorders, etc.

Taste: herbaceous, chlorophyll, slightly bitter