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Yirgacheff Coffee 340g – La p’tite Brûlerie

The Negele Gorbitu cooperative, from which we source these beans, is a member of the Union of Sidama Coffee Producers Cooperatives (SCFCU) and was founded at the end of the communist regime in Ethiopia and the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic (1996). The plots of coffee growers are located on the border of the regions of Oromia and Yirgacheffe.

These Ethiopian grains come from the highlands of this region. They are called “Yirgacheffe” type cafes. Once roasted in our workshop, they develop a pronounced acidity, fruit flavors varying from red fruits to blueberries, sweet aromas, and a full body.

SCFCU members have been growing and processing fine Sidamo-type coffee for over 30 years. Annually, they produce around 10,000 tonnes of high quality organic Arabica beans, nearly 95% of which come from the so-called “washed” transformation process.

SCFCU has been certified fair trade by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO-Cert) since 2003, playing a leading role in developing relationships between producers and buyers, allowing them to export their extraordinary, high-quality coffee directly the international. Today, SCFCU represents 53 cooperatives and more than 80,000 smallholder farming families, making it the second largest union of coffee producer cooperatives in Ethiopia.