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Amber Spirits Set by 3/4 OZ.

A great gift idea for the holiday season!

This experimental cocktail set is made especially to pair beautifully with amber spirits, and its flavors are expressly concentrated for use in mocktails.

The Kit contains: 3 x 120mL + 1 x 5mL bitters. It allows you to make 12 to 15 cocktails.

Aromatic bitters

Old Fashioned: A bitter orange syrup. A classic cocktail, this Old Fashioned syrup is made with a rich blend of cane sugar, orange zest and spices.

Vermilion: Bitter syrup with red fruits. A mixture of morello cherries, pomegranates, zest and herbs, similar to amaro and red vermouth.

Coco Café: Holidays in a glass! Notes of coconut and grilled pineapple, with a chocolate and peppery finish.