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Kimchi Caesar by 3/4 OZ.

Size 503ml | 8-10 servings

For your holiday cocktails or mocktails!

A new kind of Caesar concentrate! Perfect for adding an umami taste to your drinks. It is made with a brine concentrate of vegan kimchi, tomatoes and spices for Bloody Caesar. Its slightly salty finish and spicy taste are the perfect match to start the aperitif! Use it alone, in a beer, or as an addition to your regular Caesar.


Suggested Use: Rim your glass with your spices of choice. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour 1.5oz. of your favorite spirit, and add 2-3 oz. by Kimchi Caesar.

Mix well and dilute as needed with water or a classic Bloody Caesar drink.

Refrigerate after opening. Use within 8 months after opening.