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Clear Spirits Set by 3/4 OZ.

A great gift idea for the holiday season!

This experimental cocktail set is made especially to pair beautifully with clear spirits, and its flavors are expressly concentrated for use in mocktails.

The Kit contains: 3 x 120mL + 1 x 5mL bitter. It allows you to make 12 to 15 cocktails.

Appletini: A spicy apple pie taste without the added sugar. This tangy mix of lacto-fermented Quebec apples will be the perfect match for a boreal gin, shaken in a Martini, or even added to a sparkling wine to make a Spritz.

Basil-Mint Smash Tonic: A hybrid between Mojito and Basil Smash is now possible with this ultra fresh concentrate composed of mint, basil and citrus fruits with a soft aniseed finish. Perfect freshness and green color for your cocktails.

Kimchi Caesar: A new kind of Caesar. Perfect for adding an umami taste to your appetizers. It is made with kimchi water, fresh tomatoes and a homemade vegan bonito. Its slightly salty finish and spicy taste are the perfect match to start the aperitif!

Amer Forestier: Resulting from a collaboration with Sombre et amer, you will find aromas of conifers and wild roots. The ideal partner for cold, gin and clear spirits.


Appletini / Smash Tonic Basil-Mint / Kimchi Caesar


Use with: Vodka, Gin, Sparkling Wine, Rum

Without alcohol: Sparkling water, Ginger ale, Green or black tea

Kimchi Caesar

Use with: Vodka, Gin, Beer, Tequila, Mezcal

Non-alcoholic: Non-alcoholic beer, Lemonade, Tomato juice


Use with: Gin, Vodka, Tequila, White Rum, Pastis

Without alcohol: Sparkling water, Lemonade, Coconut water