• Organic honey
  •  Unpasteurized
  • Harvested mid-August

Never pasteurized, classic honey is cold extracted, filtered and liquefied at a low temperature to assure the conservation of the honey’s aromas and proprieties while enjoying a liquid texture.

Classic honey’s texture is dependent of a completely natural phenomena: crystallization. At the time of putting the honey in jars, all honeys are liquid. With time, small crystals will appear hence modifying the texture. In order to restore its liquid texture, classic honey is slightly heated at a low temperature, but never pasteurized. It will crystallize in a more or less near future, crystallization being a natural phenomenon in all unpasteurized honeys.

Above all, don’t think that crystallized honey has gone bad! With a little bit of stirring, it will still blend nicely with other ingredients. To liquefy it, heat it gently in a double boiler. The water must not boil, but only simmer gently. It is important that honey must never be heated in the microwave.

Dominant flowers : buckwheat

Secondary flowers : goldenrod, aster, milkweed

*Color, taste and texture may vary from different harvest season. Picture is for reference purpose only.

Organic honey certified by Quebec Vrai


Taste | Bold, rustic, barnlike, caramelized nuts and dried prunes notes

Made from buckwheat flower nectar, its rustic aromas remind buckwheat flour and moves you into a memorable visit to the farm!


Ideal to use in different honey based desserts. It also pairs well with full-bodied cheeses.