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*Limited quantity

A beekeeping season

2022 harvests are done and we are pleased to present again our SEASON honey box. Discover all the best of this year’s harvest.

3 months – June, July, August

A territory, the Hautes-Laurentides and millions of wing beats in order to gather forest flowers, undergrowth and pasture which scent each of the honeys and define their typicity.


To discover the millions of flowers gathered throughout the months of June, July and August, what could be better than a box containing our selection of the most beautiful lots of honeys for the 2022 season.

The box contains:

  • one classic linden honey, fresh and minty
  • one raw summer honey, floral with a green apple finale
  • one raw fall honey, a mild honey with a warm and fruity taste
  • one raw wildflower honey, with caramlised and confit fruits notes

An array of aromas which allows you to perfume in an unic way all your recipes and to appreciate all the diversity of our honeys.

Come on, taste our 2022 SEASON and discover the uniqueness of our territory

Box content

Classic Linden

340g format

Raw Summer

340g format

Raw Fall

340g format

Raw Wildflowers

340g format


Honey keeps indefinitely! We recommend that you consume it within 2 years of harvest. Like any food, honey is a commodity whose nutrients are essential to preserve. Here are the ideal conditions for optimal conservation.

Raw / Cream

The crystallized honey does not tolerate excess temperatures (more than 25 degrees) which may cause the collapse of its crystal structure (phase shift). They should therefore ideally be stored in a place where the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.


Keep the honey jar in a cupboard, protected from light, even if it has been opened. As honey has natural antibiotics, it is a very stable food. After a while it can have transformations (phase transformations). If it was liquid, honey can become more solid. The appearance will change, the taste may change. So we will no longer have the same taste with honey that has been open for a very long time, however it is still “consumable.”