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Entirely natural vegetable sponge from  a renewable source, biodegradable and compostable.

Loofah is a vegetable and a member of the squash family grown in the Orient. Its requires nine months of sun to reach maturity and dry out.

Wet the Loofah, its texture will change and soften. You will quickly learn how to use it and won’t be able to do without it in the kitchen or the bathroom.


For personal care – Body care

Wet the loofah, its texture will change and soften. Use it alone or with your favorite soap or gel.

For the dishes – Dishwashing Pots & Pans

Use it to clean your fruits and vegetables or to wash the dishes.
It won’t scratch stainless steel or non-stick coating.

Washing instructions – Machine washable – Dishwasher-safe

No matter how you use it, loofah can be cleaned in the washing machine and/or dish washer regularly.

Store in a dry location. Compostable and from renewable sources

Unfortunately loofah do not grow in our climate. We import our loofahs directly from Egypt without intermediary.

All éco&éco products are never tested on animals.

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