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Marinated sea asparagus – Gourmet Sauvage

Sea asparagus grow on the seashore between high and low tide. Behind the small cactus appearance is a salty, crunchy plant particularly well designed to accompany fish and seafood, salads and hors-d’oeuvres.

Sea asparagus is handpicked in the rough and tumble area btween high and low tide. Battered by waves and cold water for several hours each day as well as facing a hot sun for the rest of the day, we have but admiration for this resilient and hardy plant.

We harvest only the tips, leaving the rest of the plant to produce seeds. The sea asparagus is marinated in a light brine of sea salt and cider vinegar. The result is tasty and highly decorative.


Using sea asparagus

Fresh sea asparagus is delicious but the harvesting season is short. What pleasure it is to have access year-round to the wonderful taste and texture of this plant. It is well known around the world but we are just beginning to discover it here.

  • In a gourmet hot dog
  • In a potato salad
  • In hors d’œuvres with smoked fish or pâtés
  • In a tartar
  • With fondue


Sea asparagus, water, cider vinegar.

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