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Orange and honey spread, no refined sugar added

Inspired by a marmelade found in Bologna, Italy, this is our version of this organic orange and honey puree. Only three ingredients are used in this marmelade which are delightful with a fresh cheese and good crusted bread.

For marmelade lovers where the orange’s bitterness blends with the honey for a delicious harmony.

Pairing | Toasted bread, dessert, yogurt


Orange, honey from Miels d’Anicet’s hives, lemon juice

Size | 212 ml


Handmade and made directly at the farm, this product can be kept up to 6 months in the fridge once open.

How to read the batch number of your product ?

The number below the jar is an expiration date, in this case one year after production date.

Batch number reads as follow:

15052621 = 15 May 26 (unique code for this product) 2021

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