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Dehydrated pollen

  • Certified organic

Thanks to the richness of its composition (proteins, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates), the pollen is an energetic and nutritive food which improves the general wellbeing. Its high protein content (100 g of pollen provides the same amount of protein as seven eggs) makes pollen a natural product recommended in states of slimming or deficiency.

Taste | Slightly sweet, floral and herbaceous




Organic pollen*

Size | 375g

* Ingrédients biologiques vérifiés par / * Verified as organic ingredients by QUÉBEC VRAI


Pollen can be eaten from ½ teaspoon to 1 tbsp. per day, on an annual basis or in a cure over a defined period.

It is consumed in its raw state, in a juice, a yogurt, on a salad or according to the inspiration of the moment.

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