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Dehydrated fruity snacks made from local berries. In the form of friendly fettuccine, it is a healthy snack that is well served. Whether in the lunch box, the backpack or the desk drawer, it is a concentrate of summer flavors at your fingertips. Light, tasty and long-lasting, they are sure to please young and old alike. Advice for adults: hurry to eat some before the little ones fall into the bag!

Thorny but delicious, sea buckthorn is our favorite flavor! This small fruit from Siberia is simply exceptional. Whether for its tangy side and its tropical notes or for its benefits, sea buckthorn wins the hearts of those who taste it. Sour treat lovers, treat yourself guilt-free!

Taste: tangy, tropical notes of passion fruit

Ingredients: Apples, sea buckthorn, organic cane sugar

Compounds: Antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin C and omega 3,6,7 and 9.

Benefits: Sea buckthorn fruits are among the most nutritious and vitamin-packed in the plant kingdom! They work positively on the whole body: hypertension, cholesterol, immune system, aging, inflammation.