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BIZZ BIZZZ BIZZZ ON CELEBRATES 20 years of beekeeping at Miels d’Anicet

20 years of life, buzz and swarming that testify to our dedication to this perfect profession in our opinion. 20 years of foraging, hard work, incredible human encounters, observing changes in nature, harvesting honey and loving this insect that feeds our curiosity and our lives.

Vintage 2020 – Forest spring

And what an exceptional coincidence, to celebrate 20 years of existence with an exceptional cuvée, offered for the first time by nature from the Hautes-Laurentides: maple and willow honey.

Its coppery color and very high maple and willow pollen content (80%) * confirm its nectariferous origins and its forest character. Is it our “nose” and our taste buds that are becoming sharper and dictating that we isolate these gifts from nature or is it the pheromones of the bees that speak to us? History does not say it, but this vintage should be celebrated with its uniqueness.

Dominant flowers: maple and willows / maple & willows

Secondary flowers: cherry tree and dandelion / cherry tree & dandelion

Organoleptic note: Hot, dried fruits, butterscotch / warm, dry fruits & toffee

The vintage cuvée was put in a “brut” pot in order to preserve the authenticity of its aromatic profile. Its texture is firm and the crystals present in the mouth, it is the maple and willow nectars that have led the crystallization. Our work philosophy dictates that we learn to appreciate what the bee offers us in its natural expression. If these crystals bothers you, you can soften the honey by placing it in a pot of simmering water for a few minutes.

* confirmed by a pollen analysis done in the laboratory