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Seed booklet Bees and Pollinators | Le Nutritionniste Urbain  

Bernard Lavallée, the urban nutritionnist, has developped an interest for scientific vulgarisation through his carrier.  Subject that he is the most interested in are sustainable eating, urban agriculture, food marketing, environment and eating behavior. Thus, it was just logical that he would offer a range of heirloom Quebec seeds so that the pleasure of gardening would match the pleasure of eating!

Seeds contained in this booklet


Bees and other pollinators are absolutely essential for biodiversity and our food security. It is estimated that almost 35% of the world’s food production is based on their work. However, with the loss of their natural habitats, climate change and the use of pesticides, several species of pollinators are now in bad shape.

Milkweed, bergamot, fennel beetle and sunflower are native to North America. They were therefore present here long before the arrival of European explorers and evolved with our local fauna. In addition to producing beautiful flowers that beautify any balcony or garden, they attract and feed bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Planting these species is a concrete action you are taking to support biodiversity and the survival of local pollinators. And those winged workers will return the favor in exchange for that summery buffet of pollen and nectar. They will take the opportunity to visit the other flowers in your vegetable garden and thus promote productivity.

The seeds were grown in Montreal by the seed company Terre Promise without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and were harvested and selected by hand. They are free of rights and reproducible.