The boutique is open Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The working class of Miels d’Anicet | Young, dynamic and smiling, our team is an integral part of who we are, beekeepers who love their job, who love life, people and certainly bees.

Benito Gredig

Bénito, our woodsman, is also a great beekeeper when beekeeping season begins. The many bee stings that stays with him throughout the seasons show his exemplary perseverance and his deep-seated passion.

© Xavier Girard Lachaine

Mickaël Papineau

Mickaël has been with us three years now. Born and raised on a farm, he works with the bees with fineness and determination. His skills makes him our responsible of the queen bee breeding center.

© Daphné Caron


Biologist, Rosalie masters the art of quality control. She collaborates with the best suppliers and ensures the cohesion of the production and teamwork. She also likes good food and natural wines, making her an ally for our canteen Pollens & Nectars.

Mélissa Éthier

Mélissa is in charge of our online boutique orders and shipment of our queen bees. She carefully prepares each package so that they travel without harms to your door. Do not hesitate to contact her, she is charming!

© Daphné Caron


With her skillful hands, Lydiane masters the art of emulsifying honey, wax and propolis to create the Melia product line. Trained as a beautician, she’s responsible for the representation and the boutique to help you find the ideal product for your skin.

© Daphné Caron

Nathalie Blanchard

Nathalie wears several hats. This is our accounting manager and the person in charge of store orders. She ensures the proper distribution of Anicet Honey throughout Quebec and it is therefore thanks to her that our products are located near you!

Stéphanie Boismenu

Responsible for distribution, Stéphanie works on taking orders for Miels d’Anicet to ensure the distribution of our products throughout Quebec.


Laurence Pagé

Marketing coordinator, Laurence uses creativity to promote the products, the farm and the world of bees that surround Miels d´Anicet.

Maud Lachapelle

Maud is our training cook. It is his culinary talents that make you fall for our gourmet honey-based products and our candy counter.