Winter ointment

  • Made from organic ingredients

Composed with only essential oils from Quebec plants, this oitment soothes the seasonal winter discomforts. Apply on the nose, throat and torso, its odour provides a wave of comfort.

Propolis, the bee’s natural antibacterial!

Propolis is a blend of resinous and balsamic substances (around 150 components) that the bees will harvest on the buds of certain trees (birch, poplars, pines, firs, etc.).

A natural antibiotic

Antibacterial and with great healing properties, propolis is a natural product possessing remarkable therapeutic properties. Used in the treatment of skin problems, it is also effective to treat viral and microbial affections.


Olea europaea & Calendula officinalis & Plantago major (Macérat huileux (Olive) de calendule et de plantain / Calendula and plantain infused olive oil)*, Cera alba (Cire d’abeille / Beeswax°*), Ricinus communis (Huile de ricin / Castor oil), Huiles essentielles / Essential oils (Abies balsamea (Sapin baumier / Balsam fir)*, Thuja occidentalis (Thuya occidental / White cedar)*, Picea glauca (Épinette blanche / White spruce)*, Picea mariana (Épinette noire / Black spruce)*, Pinus resinosa (Pin rouge / Red pine)*, Achillea millefolium (Achillée millefeuille / Common yarrow)*), Butyrospermum parkii (Beurre de karité / Shea butter)*, Simmondsia chinensis (Huile de jojoba / Jojoba oil)*, Prunus americana (Huile d’abricot / Apricot oil), Cannabis sativa (Huile de chanvre / Hemp oil)*, Arnica montana (Huile d’arnica / Arnica oil), Teinture-mère de propolis / Propolis tincture (Alcool / Alcohol, Propolis°*, Eau / Water), Miel / Honey°*, Vitamine E / Vitamin E, Extrait de pépins de Citrus paradisi (Pamplemousse / Grapefruit) seed extract.

Size | 35g

° Miel, cire d’abeille et propolis par / Honey, beeswax and propolis by Miels d’Anicet

* Ingrédients biologiques vérifiés par / Verified as organic ingredients by QUÉBEC VRAI

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