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Zinc oxide ointment | Diaper rash

  • Made from organic ingredients verified by Quebec Vrai

Helps to heal and prevent diaper rash for a babies. Apply generously on irritated skin. Always apply on clean skin. To be use as a preventive care or as needed when rash appears. Continue until complete healing.


Oxyde de zinc~ / Zinc oxide~, Prunus amygdalus (Huile d’amande douce / Sweet almond oil)*, Olea europaea & Calendula officinalis & Althaea officinalis & Plantago major,  Cera alba (Cire d’abeille / Beeswax)*° (Macérat huileux (Olive) de calendule, guimauve et plantain / Calendula, marshmallow and plantain infused olive oil)*, Theobroma cacao (Beurre de cacao / Cocoa butter)*, Maranta arundinacea  (Poudre de marante / Arrow-root powder), Simmondsia chinensis (Huile de jojoba / Jojoba oil)*, Butyrospermum parkii (Beurre de karité / Shea butter)*,  Miel / Honey*°, Teinture-mère de propolis / Propolis tincture (Alcool / Alcohol, Propolis*°, Eau / Water), Extrait de pépins de Citrus paradisi (Pamplemousse / Grapefruit) seed extract, Vitamine E / Vitamin E.

~Sans nanoparticules / Without nano particles

° Miel, propolis et cire d’abeille par / Honey, propolis & beeswax by Miels d’Anicet

Size | 95g

* Ingrédients biologiques vérifiés par / Verified as organic ingredients by QUÉBEC VRAI