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The Amma Thérapie Lavender Therapeutic Mask is perfect for providing you with ultimate relaxation. Its sweet lavender scent is therapeutic and the grains inside allow the mask to be used warm, cold or hot. Very comfortable, its shape covers the eyes, temples and forehead. Warm, it helps to relax in times of fatigue, stress or insomnia. Cold, it relieves puffy eyes and migraines. Hot, it relieves irritated or dry eyes and congestion.

The benefits :

Relieves migraines and headaches.

Relieves tired or puffy eyes.

Clears the sinuses.

Promotes relaxation and sleep.

Reduces eye dryness.

Storage pouch (optional):

The storage pouch keeps your compresses dust-free when not in use. In hemp and organic cotton, it harmonizes with all our fabrics with softness and simplicity. Its cotton cord allows you to close the pouch and hang it if desired. It will also be very useful if you go on a trip with your favorite compress.