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Wild salted herbs | Gourmet Sauvage

Taking its inspiration from a traditional Quebec recipe, wild salted herbs are made from 6 different vegetables and herbs harvested from early spring to late fall from forests, fields and seashores.

The fresh taste of sea asparagus and scotch lovage dominate while the root vegetables bring volume and wonderful aromas to the mixture making this a great condiment to enhance almost any dish.

alted herbs used to be prepared with garden herbs like scotch lovage and savory and root crops such as carrots and parsnips. It allowed people to keep some of their crops over winter. They used the mixture to salt everyday dishes, adding the aroma of the herbs and vegetables to the dish in question.

They say that there are as many salted herb recipes as there are families in Quebec. Ours differs from commercial offers which contain mostly parsley, carrots and parsnips.

We laboured for three years with fifteen different herbs and vegetables to arrive at this artisanal product. The six that were selected grow from spring to fall and give us a tasty, well balanced condiment.

As the season progresses, each new harvest is salted and refrigerated. By late October we weight the different ingredients, assemble them and put the mixture in jars. Isn’t this the very essence of Slow Food?


Using wild salted herbs

Use our wild salted herbs as a perfumed version of salt. Use about twice as much salted herbs as you would regular salt and your dishes are naturally enhanced by the complex aromas to be found in all these wild plants.

  • Add to soups
  • In marinades and vinaigrettes
  • In mashed potatos
  • In a fish or meat tartar
  • In a dip mixed in with homemade mayonnaise
  • On lamb roast or chicken


Sea asparagus, sea salt, scotch lovage, greater burdoc, orpin, evening primros, canada garlic.