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Strawberry, rhubarb and honey spread, no refined sugar added

This strawberry and rhubarb jam (spread type) is less sweet than a traditional jam, but still retains the authentic taste and constant concern for the quality of ingredients.

It is ideal for garnishing the breakfast table or a delicious white cake with vanilla ice cream.

Pairing | Toasted bread, dessert, yogurt


Strawberries, honey from Miels d’Anicet’s hives, rhubarb, lemon juice

Size | 212 ml


Handmade and made directly at the farm, this product can be kept up to 6 months inthe fridge once open.

How to read the batch number of your product ?

The number below the jar is an expiration date, in this case one year after production date.

Batch number reads as follow:

15050521 = 15 May 05 (unique code for this product) 2021