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Fresh peppers from Valérie at the Jardins bio du Solstice in Mont-Laurier + our beekeepers Anicet and Benito’s addiction to hot peppers.

A spicy sauce with a hint of honey that mellows the Habanero’s attack.

Pairing | Its unique fruity taste is ideal with fried chicken and to spice up your daily cuisine.


Carrot, white vinegar, lemon juice, hot pepper, shallots, honey from Miels d’Anicet’s hive, garlic, salt.

Size | 150ml


Handmade and made directly at the farm, this product can be kept up to two years at room temperature.

How to read the batch number of your product ?

The number below the jar is an expiration date, in this case two years after production date.

Batch number reads as follow:

2011121 = 20 November 1 (unique code for this product) 2021


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