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Remineralizing herbal tea 35g | Herboristerie La Fée des Bois

Practicing a regenerative agriculture, the apothecary La Fée des Bois in Clarendon, Outaouais grows a large variety of perennials and annuals in a environmently friendly way on a 6 acres plot in a 70 acre sanctuary. Refuge for birds and pollinators, all their practices are in harmony with the land and the nature.

Their remineralizing herbal tea lowers the level of acidity in the body. Useful at all times to regain strength and energy. The nettle, raspberry and rose petals that make up this mixture provide lots of minerals, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, A, C and chlorophyll. Helps eliminate fatigue due to a deficient diet or lack of iron; it is excellent against anemia. Its nourishing and invigorating action on the female reproductive system makes it particularly interesting for stimulating fertility, for nourishing the body and toning up the uterus during the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy and for supporting new mothers as well as women in general.

It is suitable for almost everyone: children, the elderly, seriously ill, convalescents, pregnant* or breastfeeding women. It is ideal for anemia, general fatigue, skin problems and different types of arthritis.

• General tonic.

• For fun.

• To prevent mineral deficiency.

• For women: for the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy, for new mothers, to increase female fertility and for PMS.

Taste: tannic, herbaceous, subtly fruity, reminiscent of tea with notes of raspberry and rose.