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Digestive Herbal Tea 35g | Apothecary La Fée des Bois

Practicing a regenerative agriculture, the apothecary La Fée des Bois in Clarendon, Outaouais grows a large variety of perennials and annuals in a environmently friendly way on a 6 acres plot in a 70 acre sanctuary. Refuge for birds and pollinators, all their practices are in harmony with the land and the nature.

Delicious herbal tea to enjoy after meals for its digestive properties or simply for pleasure at any time of the day. It promotes and stimulates good digestion, reduces inflammation of the digestive tract. It is a bitter tonic that will support the work of the liver and gallbladder. It will prevent the formation of gas and, thanks to its antispasmodic actions of the intestines, its emollience and its mucilaginous, it will calm the inflammation and the pains of people living with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or simply a digestive mucosa inflamed. Perfect for digestion problems such as gastric reflux, gas and bloating, difficult digestion, constipation, slow and clogged liver, lack of appetite, aerophagia, etc.

• Supports good digestion

• Stimulates bile secretion

• Helps relieve gastric reflux, malabsorption, chronic gas, indigestion and intestinal spasms

• For pleasure