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Herbal tea Tulsi-Rose 25g | Apothecary La Fée des Bois

Practicing a regenerative agriculture, the apothecary La Fée des Bois in Clarendon, Outaouais grows a large variety of perennials and annuals in a environmently friendly way on a 6 acres plot in a 70 acre sanctuary. Refuge for birds and pollinators, all their practices are in harmony with the land and the nature.

A delicious herbal tea to drink for pleasure that will support you in times of stress, chronic fatigue and change. Holy basil (Tulsi), a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, is considered an adaptogen, i.e. increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress, tones and supports the adrenal glands, stimulates brain function and improves concentration. Thanks to its antioxidants, it helps the body get rid of waste, toxins and the accumulation of free radicals. It has benefits for the cardiovascular system, whether for the normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol levels or for the reduction of the formation of arterial plaques. It is indicated to help balance blood sugar and insulin metabolism as well as to protect the liver. With the consumption of holy basil, the level of LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) is reduced in favor of HDL cholesterol (“good cholesterol”), thanks to the presence of phytosterols in its composition.

• General tonic

• For fun

• Helps reduce stress, as well as regulate mood and energy levels.

• Promotes concentration, reduces ”mental fog”, support for depression, ADD, ADHD, ”memory disorder”.

• Helps lower blood sugar levels during the onset of diabetes II (accompanied by a diet).

Taste: very particular and comparable to a mixture of mint, anise and clove.