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Courtepointe artisan honey vinegar 250ml | La Villa vinaigres & jardins

Made in Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton in the Chaudière-Appalaches area, La Villa vinaigre & jardins offers us high quality artisan vinegars. Sometimes classic, other times more unique flavors, these vinegars are made with natural and organic ingredients, without filtration or pasteurization.

Made in small batches according to the traditionnal Orleans method, the transformation occurs in oak barrels or sandstone jars under the action of acetic bacterias. Then follows an aging period to gain in subtility and finesse.

Deeply rooted in North American traditions, the art of quilting shares many similarities with honey making. By gathering nectars and pollens from a diversified flora, worker bees create from each honeycomb a true floral patchwork, a unique layout of colours and flavours.

Use it for your homemade honey dressings and various salads. Brighten up oysters with a few drops, or discover it with fres cucumbers slices, in a limonade or to enhance delicious creative cocktails.

Natural deposit may occur and is not a default.