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Or Pair, a duo of unique meads that spans the generations.

Two cuvées of sweet honey wines – Passage and Alinéa – which dialogue with each other.

These two cuvées are the expression of the honeys that compose them and of the know-how passed down between generations.

Or Pair – Passage: Spring and Autumn Honeys from Miels d’Anicet Blend from the last Cuvée de la Diable fermented by Claude and Marie-Claude in 2007, and the first Cuvée de la Diable bottled by Naline and Géraud in 2008, then aged in single barrels for 14 years. Notes of salted butter tatin, maple butter, hazelnut, evolving towards dried fruits.

Or Pair – Alinéa : Miel de printemps de Miels d’Anicet

Aged in single barrels for 5 years, this cuvée is made exclusively from spring honey 2016. First natural vinification of a sweet wine whose fermentation is launched with pollen. Cuvée full of freshness accompanied by notes of raw exotic fruits and subtle spices.