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Or la loi

  • Certified organic

Expressive and complex nose, the feeling of walking in a Highland cellar with some fruity and honeyed accents. Powerful but balanced on the palate with a soothing sweetness that plunges us into the atmosphere of a warm evening by the fire, the maple syrup kettle perfuming the atmosphere.

Consumed in a scotch glass, Or la loi goes well with old cheese platters and bitter chocolate tastings.

Cold concentration between -15°C and -30°C of Cuvée de la Diable after aging for 3 years in barrels.

winter 2010/2011: 600 L condensed into 390 500ml bottles

ALCOHOL CONTENT 20% alc./vol.
TYPE OF HONEY | Made from raw organic spring, autumn and buckwheat honey (Miels d’Anicet).

* Certified organic by Ecocert Canada


Powerful, complex and empyreumatic.


Memorable moments.

Serve at 5°C or 14°C