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Harvested at the end of July

*The color, taste and texture of honey may vary from one harvest year to the next. The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Organic honey certified by Québec Vrai

Never pasteurized, classic honey is cold extracted, filtered and liquefied at low temperature in order to preserve the aromas and properties of the honey while benefiting from its liquid texture.

Dominant flower: Linden

Complementary flowers: Aster, eupatory, red and white clovers

Description of taste

Taste | Delicate and minty

Made up of almost 100% lime nectar, this honey is fresh on the palate and releases marked menthol notes. An excellent companion to herbal teas and teas, it brings a delicate freshness to finish all dishes.

Classic / liquid honey

The texture of classic honey is dependent on an entirely natural phenomenon: crystallization. When potted, all honeys are liquid. Over time, crystals develop that change their texture. In order to restore its liquid texture, classic honey is lightly heated at low temperature, but never pasteurized. It will therefore crystallize in the more or less near future, crystallization being a natural phenomenon in all unpasteurized honeys.

Above all, you should not think that crystallized honey is wasted! With a little stirring, it still blends very well with other ingredients. In order to liquefy the honey, it must be gently heated in a water bath. It is important to never heat honey in the microwave. Attention! The water in the pan should not boil, but simmer slightly.

Store your jar of honey in a cupboard, away from light, even if it has been opened. As honey has natural antibiotics, it is a very stable food. After a while it can have transformations (phase transformations). If it was liquid, the honey can become more solid. The appearance will change, the taste may alter. We will therefore no longer have the same taste with honey that has been opened for a very long time, however it is still “consumable.


Honey keeps forever! We recommend consuming it within 2 years of harvest. Like any food, honey is a commodity whose nutrients it is essential to preserve. These are the ideal conditions for optimal conservation.