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  • Organic honey
  • Unpasteurized
  • Harvested mid-August

Taste description

Harvested mid-August, buckwheat honey is ideal for bold tasting honey lovers. Made from buckwheat nectar, it’s typical barnlike and flow buckwheat aromas will transport you in a farm visit in no time. Rich in minerals, this honey has a lot of benefits. Excellent at breakfast, it’s also excellent in honeys desserts.

Never filtered or heated, raw honey is excellent for the health, because still containing traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax and preserving its original properties and aromas. Freshly harvested, it is in a liquid state. It will then crystallize quickly and nicely given the absence of heat in the extraction process.

Discover HERE the pollen analysis that reveal the floral diversity of our honeys.

*Color, taste and texture may vary from different harvest season. Picture is for reference purpose only.

Organic honey certified by Quebec Vrai


Taste | Bold, rustic, barnlike, caramelized nuts and dried prunes notes

Made from buckwheat flower nectar, its rustic aromas remind buckwheat flour and moves you into a memorable visit to the farm!


Ideal to use in different honey based desserts. It also pairs well with full-bodied cheeses.