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  • Certified organic by Quebec Vrai

An absolutely irresistible combination. The warm notes of honey combine with the crunchy texture of nuts and the delicious taste of dried fruits. A perfect match with a Quebec’s cheese platter!

Try it with a baked Brie cheese, this is how we serve it at our canteen Pollens & Nectars!

Pairing | Cheese, yogourt, crusted bread


Honey*°, almonds*, pistachios*, pecans*, apricots*, raisins* (sunflower oil*) and cranberries* (sweetener* [cane sugar* or evaporated cane sugar*], sunflower oil*).

Size | 250g

° Miel par / Honey by Miels d’Anicet

* Certifié par / * Certified by QUÉBEC VRAI


Handmade and made directly at the farm, this product can be kept up to one year at room temperature. Honey can however crystallize, but i’s still good: just place the jar in simmering water and honey will liquify.

How to read the batch number of your product ?

The number below the jar is an expiration date, in this case one year after production date.

Batch number reads as follow:

15050921 = 15 May 09 (unique code for this product) 2021

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