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Season your dishes, one pinch at a time! This limited edition of Épices de l’Anse is a real delight.

Ideal on au gratin potatoes, homemade chips, turnips, grilled cauliflower, grilled autumn squash, salmon, cod, sole and haddock, trout, halibut, prawns dishes, seafood lasagna, soups, broths, fish chowders, quiches, omelettes, watercress and endive salad, grilled tofu cubes, flank steak, pork and popcorn!

Ingredients – 150g
Sea salt, black pepper, cane sugar, juniper berries, Quebec seaweed (dulse, kombu, wakame), orange peel, dill, cayenne, herbs and spices. (Contains no preservatives, no garlic, onions or dehydrated vegetables).