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The harvests for the 2022 season are now over and we are very proud to present our SEASON box for this new year. High in colors and flavors, discover the uniqueness of this year!

A beekeeping season 3 months – July, August, September

A territory, the Hautes-Laurentides and millions of wingbeats to forage the forest flowers, undergrowth and pastures that perfume each of the honeys and define their typicality.


In order to discover the millions of flowers gathered throughout the months of July, August and September, what could be better than a box containing our selection of the most beautiful batches of Season 2022 honeys.

The box includes 4 jars of 340g of the following varieties:

A summer honey cream, floral with a divinely creamy texture
A classic linden honey, lively and minty
A raw autumn honey, sweet honey with warm, vanilla notes
A raw wild flower honey, warm with caramelized and candied fruit notes.

A range of flavors that allows you to flavor each of your recipes differently and to appreciate the diversity of our honeys.

Come on, taste our SEASON 2022 and discover the uniqueness of our territory.

Box contents

Summer cream

Honey from the incredible floral diversity of July, harvested at the end of July.

340g size

Classic Liden

Monofloral linden honey very pure, pale color almost greenish. Harvested in July.

340g format.

Raw fall

Honey from the flowering of the magnificent goldenrod, harvested in mid-August.

340g size

Raw Wildflowers

Honey from the simultaneous flowering of goldenrod and buckwheat. Harvested at the end of August.

340g size


Honey keeps forever! We recommend that you consume it within 2 years of harvest. Like any food, honey is a food whose nutrients must be preserved. Here are the ideal conditions for optimal conservation.