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Masala Spices 40g | La Pincée

La Pincée specializes in creating creative spice blends made with high quality ingredients.

The Masala spice blend is a must try for all your middle easterne and indian inspired cuisine. Made from more than 20 finely ground spices and herbs finely, it is ready to use and will easily add an exotic touch at your table.

Try it in a lentil soup, vegetable or meat stew, sweet potatoes, quinoa, fish and pork dishes. This blend is really versatile and salt less for a perfect seasoning each time.

Pairing it with honey, why not get inspired by a roasted chicken or carrots with honey and masala spices blend?

Cannelle, coriandre, cardamome, fenouil, poivre, cumin, curcuma, muscade, herbes et épices. (Contains no preservatives, garlic, onions or dehydrated vegetables).